Monday, July 16, 2012

Padden Mt Pedal.

Just raced the Padden mt Pedal over the weekend. It was the 20 Annual running of the race. I think I've done it 9 times. It was the very first race I ever did as a young 16 year old. Now that Im old and fat I still enjoy going down to padden lake to try and tear it up. This year I was able to take the win over the legend himself Seth Wells. Every year there is a whole shot prime and every year I try so hard to get it, and finally this year I got it!!!! so much has to go right, the right gear, you need to get into your pedal first shot, and then you have to have the legs to sprint to the single track. I was a non hack for 5 seconds of my life, it felt great!
The course is very fast and flowy, you can catch mini airs all over. the guy missed this photo a bit because I tail whipped so hard and my back wheel knocked a beer can right out of the hand of the bikini clad crew of uber babes. 

sprint for cash, show me the money! the 29er is paying for its self at this rate.

Wills dont have to be complicated when you have pipes like Scott Simpson of Simpson Notaries.


Bryan B said...

Hi Ricky, I enjoyed our short, impromptu, ride on Sunday afternoon with Melanie -- Sticks and Stones, Bottletop, etc. Based on the post I see this was a recovery ride...well done. Bryan

RickyFederau said...

Hey Bryan, yes great riding with you on sunday. such a fun little rip we did. Have a good one.