Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Holiday in North Bay?

I just spent the last two weeks in North Bay Ontario. Never thought I would see the day this would happen but Melanie keeps telling me how unreal it is and it was great! We would ride bikes in the morning then hang out at the lake all afternoon almost everyday. Not hearing any hwy noise or being stuck in traffic for 2 weeks was unreal! Its full cottage country up there and it was a great to check it out. We also did a 3 day Canoe trip in the Algonquin park, stay tuned and I'll talk about that in a couple days. Gateway to the North what!!!

After the first day we went to CT and picked up a fishing rod, reel, and tackle kit for 20$ oh Crappy tire how I love you. Then we just slayed these mini bass right out the back door. this one might have been big enough to grill. Check out my fish, its huge!!!!!
One night we went to Melanie's sisters house on lake Nipissing the sunset was unreal, it was just like on the pacific but it was a lake.
after we slayed all the fish at the Vaughan Ranch we went over to Maryland and caught some more. It was just off the wall, the fish would just eat the worms like they were poutine.
Ricky, I cant get the hook out.
this little man wiped my bum all week.
bike ride time.
I bet the nordic here would be unreal!.
the epic lome.
North shore of north bay.
post ride dip. oh the dream!
I went through some old photo albums of Melanie when she was a kid, this is her when she was like 3 and her brother Brad. Looks like a powder day in North Bay.
Hack on the wind surfer.
Rock star on the wind surfer.
The house of Jill and Ted Vivian. Ted built the house like 30years ago and its one of the coolest house's I've ever seen. I took a bunch of photos of it, live the dream right?

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