Monday, June 04, 2012

victory points!

My friends Troy and Christine of Crowsnest Coffee Company came for for a visit on friday. It was pissing rain and nasty out and since all of us are now fair weather riders we just sat around and drank beverages. Coffee at first then it turned to wine, with the wine came settlers and the rest is history.
Nate Dawg broke a wine glass then went home in shame. I cleaned up  with a settlers win. 

sunday we rode in Squamish, this is on the plunge. awesome day for riding bikes. full bc rain forest, slaying slippy rocks and roots with big wheels is just boss!

oh yes let the jokes begin.
We rode this trail called somewhere out there. Maybe my favorite Squampton trail, anywho this was about 3/4 way down it, anyone know were this goes or ends up? everyone loves a good panty line right?  

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