Thursday, June 07, 2012

Excellent Adventure and Toonie Racing

About Two weeks ago Marty Lazarski the king of the shore convinced me to race this wades excellent adventure. Marty and 1996 olympian and North Van local Andreas Hestler also got whistler toonie ringer and Aussie honey badger Matty "dingo" Ryan to all join forces and put a serious stab at hoisting the Fromme cup. We all raced really hard and it was a ton of fun following Dre down the trails he knows all to well. When it was all said and done I think we won but I dont really know for sure. But win or loose it was a great time hanging around in wet sandy bike shorts and shredding north van gnar with the legends. you can also check out pinkbikes take or North Shore Mt Bikes take.
Myself, Dre, Dingo, and pro bike racer Marty. 

stage 3 was shot gun a beer and climb up this hill without putting a foot down, here Joe Schwartz shows how to shot gun in true Nelson style. I'm a couple riders back pooing my pants.  
Then Wednesday Melanie and loaded up Team Tercel wagon and drove the mufferless beauty up to Squamish for the toonie race. It was an awesome course, down roller coaster, lumber jacks, then up to icy hole of death, around the rock and then down Brackentrail to the finish. If every course was like this one the sport of "xc" would be booming like the LA kings. My dropper post came in very handy on icy hole.
about to finish. Greg Day and I had a good little battle, I hung on to his wheel best I could down roller coaster and lumber jacks, then I went for gusto on the climb and just kept enough gap to get into icy hole first, I was able to keep my advantage to the finish and walked away with a win. But the true winning took place at the after party. 

big thanks to republic bike shop for hosting the toonie and the beer and burgers were awesome! I'll be back and so should you. 

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