Friday, June 01, 2012

Nimby 51.

427 spandex clad duders about to tear up pemby. 
It was maybe the best race I have ever done in my life. The course was unreal! The people were killer! and the post food/beer was out of this world. The folks in Pemberton sure know how to put on a race! The Nimby Fifty had some of the best talent in the country as well as a couple Olympians. I think over 400 people did the race. We did 3 loops, Start Loop, 101 switchbacks climbs and Dude man down hill loop, and a good old xc tear your legs off loop at the finish. then 3k of pavement to the finish. After the start loop I found myself in 3rd place behind Max Plaxton and Neal Kindree. I went the wrong way and took Cody Canning and Sean Babcock with me we went about 5-7 off course about 1/4 way up the 101 switchbacks, so hence the Nimby 51. After getting lost I chased full gas the whole time and when it was all said and done I popped out on the pavement 50m behind Colin Kerr. I closed the gap as fast as possible and sucked Colin's wheel for 2km them sprinted him for the line. I ended up 3rd. Not bad for a guy who was literally shoveling chicken poo at 7pm the night before the race. My goal going into it was just to maybe beat Catharine Pendrel. Also Melanie also won the 30-34 woman's category(cougar category). winner winner chicken dinner. So it was a great weekend for team tercel wagon. Its going to take me a month to recover from the race, I'm not 23 anymore and way to fat to be racing bikes, good thing for carbon and big wheels. Here are the results
before the race I was unsure of what tires to run, but good thing for me I have some friends who ride for trek and are very fast and know whats up with what tires to run. So I was told that these bonrager 29-1 tires are the ticket. and they were, super crazy light and fast rolling, an awesome xc tire. I dont know if I would want to ride the hairy gnar with them but for the Nimby they were great. 


Logan Wetzel said...

Might have to weasel my way out of ski to sea for this one next year...

Seth Wells said...

Thanks for the cool blog dude I just started a blog check it out google Seth l.wells biking.cheers