Monday, June 11, 2012

green light!

Not much going on the past week. But the normal stuff is just great.
Melanie has this sweet garden, she even put chicken manure from abbotosford in it to make the  goods grow. I put the leftover manure on my chest to make the hair grow, it seams to be working. And yes Toby that is Kale, full red flag.   

Bob Long, you love the guide? single rings are the way to go. My new direct mount guide came in and looks very nice and works like the bomb. Bikes have come a long way in the last 10 years, all I see in the photo is carbon, aluminum, and Titanium. I'm leaving a huge carbon footprint.  

Now I drive one of the best cars mankind has ever produced. My only problem is that it had no cupholders. I didn't really care to much about it but I have some nagging passengers who think cupholders are king. So I went down to the MCC and picked up this sweet center console, it was 4$ and now my car has cupholders in the back and in the front. I know eh, 4 cupholders, its crazy! for 4$ you dont get a lid to go with it but lucky for me I have a cooler lid that works perfect. 

check out the fork in the trail. somewhere over there this way. best trail going right now. I poo my pants with joy every time I ride it. 

Melanie on the bridge. 

I've signed up to do this red bull divide and conquer race on june 16 and I need to practice the trails. I know it looks like a photo from Paris-Roubaix but no its a trail called pipeline. Melanie shows how things are done and hucks her meat down the cobbles.  

so yeah this red bull divide and conquer is on June 16. I've teamed up with running guru and xterra honch Mike Vine and Kayaking legend Toby Roessingh. I think we have a solid team, I know its a full dude man event but Im going to sport the full dex for speed. 

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