Monday, May 21, 2012

May long.

I've been having lots of fun this week doing all kinds of stuff. The flu is almost gone and Im starting to feel better. Toby came for a visit on Saturday and we are gettin it done. We talked a lot about what a dude man really is. We came up with the fact that a dude man is "master of all, jack of none."
Tuesday it was a full dmxc (dude man cross country) ride with ice breaker professional mt biker Marty Lazarski, The Squamish Athlete of the year Neal Kindree, and Alberta red neck Cody Canning. It was a full ball crushing ride. I got crushed. bring it.
Saturday Toby arrived and pick up Melanie in North Van then they met me in squamish after I was done coaching and we headed up to Pemberton to ride the Nimby course. We did it in full gong show fashion and got stuck in traffic and didn't really start the ride until 5.
Toby "GQ" Roessingh near the top. Pemberton is unreal, my first ride in pemby and it was just awesome. some of the sections were a little loose but the big wheels just hook up on that stuff and you can just send it like Marty L does off drops in the Fraser Valley.
Dude man.
Toby went down a couple times. But its ok cause his knees stopped him.
I know right, we could have almost used lights. But the sun does make Toby look like the angel. Melanie was loving it, minus the marble dirt.
Sunday Skook was going off so Toby, Ian, Melanie and I packed up the tercel and jumped on the ferry. The Brown Claw was in full force.
Brown! we walked our boats in the 4 k. like true men. kind of........
Kanga on the big one. there was a group of guys from Jasper there and they knew what was up. "the only reason to give the brown claw is to make fun of the douchebags who give the brown claw"
Ricky on the big one.
Toby just cant go anywhere with chicks being all over him. after he got off the wave these random ladies made him a sandwich and gave him some wine. the wine was so they could get him drunk and take advantage of him.
they also fed him grapes.

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