Monday, May 14, 2012

Ricky's Moving Company.

Not a lot to report the last month. I've been crazy busy power washing a chicken barn and doing not much else. However the last week has been just full of good times, kind of.
So Melanie has this chair and its kinda falling apart. Ricky being the nice guy he is offers to take the chair to a wood shop and re glue and clamp it so its all good. 

I have move the chair downstairs, and being the man that I am I decide to do it solo. anywho, I miss a step and just go ass over tea kettle down these stairs, as you can see there is a hole in the wall at the end of the stairs that my foot went through and I also put some nice scuffs on the side wall. This was sunday. Monday I caught the plague and I was in bed hacking up my lungs for 3 days, what a great week! 

that is my foot I think. 

Im kinda in the middle of a drywall job over at the von castle. The dry wall job Im doing is apparently called  a California patch job. Here is how to do your very own California patch job. the photos below will show you the dirt bag do your own fix.   

after all these steps you need to start the mud phase. thats for next weeks program. stay tuned. 

I think its just a sprain. might be broken but its fine Im sure. 

Friday night Melanie and I went to this fundraiser. David Suzuki, and Matt Good were there. I felt like a rock star. 

Dr David Suzuki telling us why the pipeline and endbridge is not cool. 

saturday we did the ore crusher up in squamish. Melanie has no jerseys with pockets so she rocked a team Paraguay jersey to first place in the womens 30-34. I had a bit of a rough go. My raced started out good at the front riding with Neal Kindree and slaying single track like a 2007 Marty Lazarski then after half the race was over I kinda ran out of gas and ended limping over the finish like a 2012 Mike Levy. I should be good to go for the Nimby. 

sunday we went up into the back woods of Chilliwack and strapped on the planks. It was really warm out and the snow was really slow but so fun. 

"Ricky, I overheating!!!!"

lady peak on the right cheam on the left.

spring skiing at its finest. 

thats Harrison lake and the eastern end of the fraser valley. 


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