Friday, May 25, 2012

send it bro!

Kayak season is in full force, I just took remember how to paddle course. step 1, paddle the chilliwack at low water. step 2, paddle skook at 14. step 3, paddle the chilliwack at 2.3(brown). Yes  on Tuesday Toby, Jazz(18 year old girl who shows me whats up in the boat), and I paddled the Chilliwack at 2.3. It was massive and brown. the biggest I've ever done it. The speed you move at is crazy. I pooed my pants on the Irish Cream rapid when I missed my line and had to paddle like an 18year old girl(thats faster then you think). anyhow, Im still alive. word.
this is on the Trailer park rapid.
Yes that is blood on Jazz's face. In your face! brown!
Kanga on Tamihi. I walked Tamihi like a dog with its tail between my legs. I think I might have died if I ran it. The river is a beast and there is no stopping once half way down. Your knees dont stop you like they do on rocks.
So when you paddle with people you always have to worry about the shuttle. I found this bike and we nicknamed it the shuttle bunny. Its like a 1980 Raleigh woman's bike. I need to raise the seat a bit. We just ditch this thing in the bushes at the take out and its good to go.
This is what I've been up to the last couple months. Check out that barn, you could eat off the floor. We just moved the birds into the lay barn last night. Let the shit storm begin. Im off to the Nimby later today. Its been a hard month for my old fat body and I haven't really been able to ride as much as I wanted to. But its ok cause my bike is carbon so Im sure I can beat Max Plaxton.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May long.

I've been having lots of fun this week doing all kinds of stuff. The flu is almost gone and Im starting to feel better. Toby came for a visit on Saturday and we are gettin it done. We talked a lot about what a dude man really is. We came up with the fact that a dude man is "master of all, jack of none."
Tuesday it was a full dmxc (dude man cross country) ride with ice breaker professional mt biker Marty Lazarski, The Squamish Athlete of the year Neal Kindree, and Alberta red neck Cody Canning. It was a full ball crushing ride. I got crushed. bring it.
Saturday Toby arrived and pick up Melanie in North Van then they met me in squamish after I was done coaching and we headed up to Pemberton to ride the Nimby course. We did it in full gong show fashion and got stuck in traffic and didn't really start the ride until 5.
Toby "GQ" Roessingh near the top. Pemberton is unreal, my first ride in pemby and it was just awesome. some of the sections were a little loose but the big wheels just hook up on that stuff and you can just send it like Marty L does off drops in the Fraser Valley.
Dude man.
Toby went down a couple times. But its ok cause his knees stopped him.
I know right, we could have almost used lights. But the sun does make Toby look like the angel. Melanie was loving it, minus the marble dirt.
Sunday Skook was going off so Toby, Ian, Melanie and I packed up the tercel and jumped on the ferry. The Brown Claw was in full force.
Brown! we walked our boats in the 4 k. like true men. kind of........
Kanga on the big one. there was a group of guys from Jasper there and they knew what was up. "the only reason to give the brown claw is to make fun of the douchebags who give the brown claw"
Ricky on the big one.
Toby just cant go anywhere with chicks being all over him. after he got off the wave these random ladies made him a sandwich and gave him some wine. the wine was so they could get him drunk and take advantage of him.
they also fed him grapes.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ricky's Moving Company.

Not a lot to report the last month. I've been crazy busy power washing a chicken barn and doing not much else. However the last week has been just full of good times, kind of.
So Melanie has this chair and its kinda falling apart. Ricky being the nice guy he is offers to take the chair to a wood shop and re glue and clamp it so its all good. 

I have move the chair downstairs, and being the man that I am I decide to do it solo. anywho, I miss a step and just go ass over tea kettle down these stairs, as you can see there is a hole in the wall at the end of the stairs that my foot went through and I also put some nice scuffs on the side wall. This was sunday. Monday I caught the plague and I was in bed hacking up my lungs for 3 days, what a great week! 

that is my foot I think. 

Im kinda in the middle of a drywall job over at the von castle. The dry wall job Im doing is apparently called  a California patch job. Here is how to do your very own California patch job. the photos below will show you the dirt bag do your own fix.   

after all these steps you need to start the mud phase. thats for next weeks program. stay tuned. 

I think its just a sprain. might be broken but its fine Im sure. 

Friday night Melanie and I went to this fundraiser. David Suzuki, and Matt Good were there. I felt like a rock star. 

Dr David Suzuki telling us why the pipeline and endbridge is not cool. 

saturday we did the ore crusher up in squamish. Melanie has no jerseys with pockets so she rocked a team Paraguay jersey to first place in the womens 30-34. I had a bit of a rough go. My raced started out good at the front riding with Neal Kindree and slaying single track like a 2007 Marty Lazarski then after half the race was over I kinda ran out of gas and ended limping over the finish like a 2012 Mike Levy. I should be good to go for the Nimby. 

sunday we went up into the back woods of Chilliwack and strapped on the planks. It was really warm out and the snow was really slow but so fun. 

"Ricky, I overheating!!!!"

lady peak on the right cheam on the left.

spring skiing at its finest. 

thats Harrison lake and the eastern end of the fraser valley.