Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Double Day

The weather this last week was just crazy! no precip in a week, sunny sky's and mt biking in exposed knees and elbows! there is still pow out there also. I should mention this is February! so nuts. anywho its been an unreal week! pow for breakfast, and hero dirt for dinner. yes please!
my muffler almost fell off but I saved it with the trusty G3 ski strap! yeahhhhhh G3

ok, so we all watch these ski movies where dudes just send it off crazy cliffs and ski totally manky lines and we are all like oh man that guy is nuts, or a mt bike video where some dude jumps a train or sends it off some gnar. well its really nothing after watching this. these guys are nuts and makes anything in the ski/bike world look so lame and small. double back flip on a 450lb sled, are you kidding me. I need to man up and grow a pair that all Im going to say. 

Costco what! oh made an unreal burger Monday night.  

Tuesday morning Etsell and I hit up Shuksan arm to see if there was still goods to be had. this is first thing in the morning.

I noticed a lot of people have been pissing on the snow wall in the parking lot, I tried to write my name with my pee and if you look really close you can kinda see it. the beer can and banana peel was there when we showed up, come on people take you empty's with you. 

good morning mt baker. 

yup Etsell found some goods on the north facing stuff. oh to much fun!

yeah not a bad way to spend the morning. 

lunch. triangle bun, 2 eggs, fromage, mayo, and ketchup. this is at the top of Shuksan arm.

frost hoar art shot of my sweet ride. 

then after the ski I hit up Ledgeview for some full on hero dirt. the trails were as good as they get. Never mind that its February. 

yup the prepare to stop sign is down, that means green light. bring it!  Im tired now. Time to eat, triangle bun what!

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