Monday, February 13, 2012

I just made the big times.

Well its been a crazy week. Max got kennel cough, he caught it from my sisters min pin penny. He had it for about a week and was not to happy, I got to clean up a ton of barf, oh good times. He's doing much better now but still not a 100%. Its been crazy warm and I've been riding my bike a lot, trails are just mint right now but I do wish the ski season made a come back soon. I rode this trail in Abby a bunch its the halfway trail at Ledgeview but you take a right turn right at the top of it and its very hucky chucky with a huge hit right at the end that I dont have the balls to do.....just yet. Sunday skied with Neal Kindree at the Calaghan we skied like 35k and Im cooked today. However I've made the big time. booooooo yeahhhhhh
getting dressed to hit the skate ski with the Squamish wonder child. that On Sight bag Im standing on is so sweet. It one of those things Im going to get my money out of cause I use it a ton. Transitions in life are much more handy with the bag, the pack/unpack/repack/ski/bike/paddle/dinner/weddings/dog park/hockey/coffee shop/dead chickens/fishing/camping/dirt biking/drinking beer and wasting bullets, whatever you can think of this bag does it all. plus you can stand on the lid while you get changed on the snow and your feet stay dry and happy.  

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