Monday, November 21, 2011

Some early season Pow

Just skied the last 4 days in a row. Im kinda trashed today, so I guess I better get some work done. It was kinda the snow season kick off the last week. Tuesday and Wednesday brought the goods and the rest as they say is history.
Etsell and I hit the baker area thursday, the vis was in and out all day but there was so much snow it didn't really mater. It also snowed the whole day. We skied near the blueberry shoots all day. just laped a bunch of laps.
we skied for about 4hrs and this is what the car looked like when we got back. winter is on the way!

Costco triangle buns, Craig's Mom's cookies, organic free range dried pears, and mini coke make a great lunch for skiing Zoa with the corn dawg!

Skining up in the parking lot. I figured out the best way to skin up before your first up is to do it at home in the warmth of your home. sure beats freezing in the early am.

Corn Dawg is pumped to be out! Were must have been the first people to Zoa this year. I broke trail for 5hrs in about 130cm of fresh snow.

just slaying it. this run at zoa is my favorite and it was so good on this friday, I would like like to hit it a couple more times but had to save some gas for saturday.

yup I think connor had a good time. ha nice!

GIB winter ale is a huge hit. you gotta carbo load right? I think so!Melanie, Colin and Bret were off to Needle the next day, a blue bird day!

this is the inside of the ski lodge at needle, also known as the truck stop, Colin looks to be a happy man.

the team at the parking lot. I think in this photo Bret is just realizing he forgot his skins. so sorry bret! cause we had maybe one of the best days of skiing ever!
rocking out in the parking lot!

this is right at the bottom. so much snow! Von look to be having fun! The two dudes from van set a great skin track up through the needle trees and then we passed them and had to break trail again. But we also got the goods. and they was good!

skin track on the ridge, back country days really dont get much better then this.
thats what Im talking about!
Manhattan what! Von is giving a thumbs up I think, but cant really tell with her oven mitts on. The kitchen is that way!

oh mama cita!
Melanie and just joking around while colin skins ups.

Turkey, avocado, mayo and mustard all on a triangle bun? yeah!!! Wheat free turkey too!

just blue bird!

Ricky getting the goods!

Colin almost looking as fresh as when he started. Colin has whiskey in his tea. I would also be drinking hard stuff if I had to hang out with Ricky all day.

sunday was more of an exploring day, we went up chilliwack way to try and find some goods. Didn't really get much but next time I know of some secret stash. Who wants in? Between Etsell, Melanie and Ricky we have about 6$ invested in our ski poles. They all have lasted forever, they never break, they never seize up over the summer when you cant collapse them. Etsell and Ricky also took the straps off theirs and its just sick! plus I put about 100$ in my triangle bun fund by not buying carbon poles that break.

My little rust bucket is the boss! you should have seen the crap it went up. Im betting this winter is the one I roll it into the ditch. should be fun! you know you have a good car when little pieces of it fall off when the snudge fall off.

My new home! I'm thinking a chilliwack hut trip is in order soon? maybe we need a little more snow. We made it up to 1400m and there was 75cm. so its a good start. The last 4 days made me want to move into this cabin and just pound turns all winter but Melanie talked me out of it. If I sound a little angry over the winter thats why.

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