Monday, November 28, 2011

Dude man!

the last week was good. Starting pissing rain however high up so skiing pow might be on hold for a week or two. Maybe I'll just head to Hawaii and wait for pow town to come back. sounds good to me.
Wednesday night we rocked a night ski up on Seymour. 900 Lumens what! The snow was like cement but so fun skiing at night with lights. I would love to do a bigger ski at like the coq or baker at night with lights. so fun!

Friday the Corn Dawg Master (CDM) and I hit up the coq for some epic pow! it was puking all week and we hit the goods. I also got to hit some unreal epic trail breaking.

yup, it was sure good!

didn't really get a ton of down shots because we were just to busy getting face shots but you know how it goes.

CDM at the put in.

Yeah 205cm of pow in your face. was good. boo yeah!

CDM just hitting some air.

eating and shooting

I would highly recommend not messing with this animal! he just eats pow for breakfast. see the blood on his fangs? yeah this guy is not playin around.

Friday night Toby flew in and then very early saturday Marty, Melanie, Toby and I hit up Squamish for some possible pow. We beat the rain and had some fun so it was good. Not blower unreal dude man but good, and a fun time was had by all.

Marty finding some.

Toby sending it switch. with a double daffy lawn dart. Yeah braw.

The crew.

After the ski Melanie hosted an awesome little dinner party. All the contenders were present. Im the only BC born and raised one at the table. everyone else is from Ontario or Alberia.

We were kinda making bets about who could do a hand stand push ups. Toby did one no prob. Marty not so much. Its ok we know a good physio. Check out the Toby six pack! now what girl wouldn't want to get her hands on that? got me.

Brian come by for some waxing too. skis and eyebrows.

ski video from the coq. just slaying the pow.

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