Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its on the way!

Last weekend we made a trip to the home of the Squamish wonder child. I got the chance to ride half nelson on the big bad remedy with big meats and I loved it! such a great ride, but its getting cold out! It might be time to put the bike into storage or my non functioning astro van parked in the underground. Any how great day and the mountains are getting white and its time to slay some pow pow. Remember, baker sucks tell your friends.
The deer killer got a puncture on the drive up. Melanie is all thumbs up. We flatted right after Britannia Beach when I was in the process of passing a tanker truck, yeah thats right I was passing someone, bring it!

It was my first flat fix ever! I killed that change over like a nascar pit crew. I know its not pluming or anything but a redneck is always a redneck.

found this dead sheep's head out on the trail. kinda crazy, kinda cool.

I guess there was some cougars in the area that might have got the sheep. Just a guess thats all.

Yeah not bad eh?

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