Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quebec, say bon?

So, I was in Quebec last week. I raced a canada cup. the last time I was at one of these bike races I was a lot fitter and younger. But I have old man strength right? wrong! I figured this race would be a good experience and I might even get some uci points.

The race was at mt Tremblant and its always a fun venue, I mean who doesn't like humid air and 8$ beer? All Quebec jokes aside the course was really awesome. Huge amount of climbing and a wicked technical decent. Maybe about 20 min laps. I was just killing anything technical with Devinci Dexter but was held up so bad in the single track by people who were riding anything but a Dexter. I had an ok race considering I started near the back and ended up finishing lucky number 13. If I was fitter I would have finished better. I dont think I have ever started that far back at a canada cup but I guess if you dont race for 4 years thats what you get.
boo yeah, I think the quaker oat man is checking me out.
This is what it looks like to be cross eyed and breathing through your ears.

the hurricane of pain. I see a lot of guys who do intervals and "train" in sunny places all winter. I also see a polish guy who steals cable.

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Dude man where's Marty's green binder!