Tuesday, May 17, 2011

best week ever!

I just might have had the best week ever!
On Monday Marty, Neal and I hit up Squamish hard! 3.5 hr mt bike ride (race) then rock climbing. Then watched the Canucks advance to the next round of the playoffs in a brew pub while eating burgers and drinking beer.
then I worked a couple days.
thursday I paddled the chilliwack river from alison pools to the raft ranch. then did two laps of the vedder twonie course.
Friday skied baker with Etsell and Annie. The real baker. But we only made it to the broken ankle saddle cause there was more wind on the ridge then there would be in marty's pants after a mexican feed bag.
Saturday raced the ore crusher in squamish
Sunday did the vedder super D and tried to paddle but sucked cause I got a wicked sun burn and my life jacket didn't show me any love. So went to the miller for free chilli and hockey!
Boo yeah Im so tired and now wednesday morning Im on a plane for quebec.
neal and marty repelling down. I soiled my pants so they made me walk around the rock to the bottom. Its really high eh. Im so scared of hights too. Oh rock climbing is so hard for me.
friday baker, lunch stop just at the tree line.
look mom skiing with no shirt and no sun block. so cool.
etsell and annie shredding may corn. oh mama!!!!!
what goes up must go down. yeah Im down! this is almost the spot where nate broke his ankle.
so dumb. I cant sleep. oh it stings. Im a burn victim for sure. I better eat some yogurt.
sweet beacon tan(burn) eh?.
marty dropping me at the ore crusher. I raced so hard. I ended up in 3rd and had to really fight for it.
the Squamish wonder child Neal Kindree spraying the hords of bikini clad women in the crowd.
oh the vedder super d. I've ridden this course like 1000 times in my life and had a sick run. This Chris Johnston guy shows up, rides it once in the morning and beats me by 6sec. the dude can ride, unreal! props to chris!

just going for it! I wanted to win this so bad! next year Im going to get it. It was so good to have a race at home. I rode to the course and slept in my own bed and everything. Oh the wack is good!

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