Wednesday, June 08, 2011

busy busy busy.

So I got home from Quebec and decided to skip out on the nimby 50 cause I was just worked from working. I did however race the ski to sea at mt baker with the Clipper Canoe team. We had a great team and finished 7th over all. I was very happy with my ride of the "mt bike" leg. it was mostly road and gravel paths. I was so glad I had that 120mm fork for those road sections. Then I went riding and climbing in Squamish with the wonder child Neal Kindree. Last weekend was the North Shore Bike Fest. 3 races, Friday night, 10min tt. Saturday morning, 2hr cross country. Sunday morning, 23min super D. So Marty won the tt and I was second. I won the XC and marty was second. Marty got 3rd in the Super D and I flatted. So marty won the king of the shore, and I did the drive of shame back to the valley.

Marty and I in the XC. We just crushed it. It was really great practice for BC bike race at the beginning of July. We rode together all day and then I dropped it like it was hot on the last climb of the day and took the win.
xc results:
Jordan surfing at the pointa vista wave.

Climbing with Neal. I think I might be pooing my pants in this shot. Oh I hate climbing. hurts so good.

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