Wednesday, May 04, 2011

sunshine coaster bike race.

Went out to the sunshine coast with the new team. We raced the sunshine coaster bike race and it was a ton of fun. I felt the the new kit gave me a huge boost! the nativo clothing is unreal! And the Devinci dexter is just a sick bike for the BC single track. Also note the new camel back thing Im rocking. its like a bladder built into an under shirt. My new slogan for this camel back thing is "theres nothing better then riding your bike and sucking on a nipple at the same time".

the race went well I kind of rode in no mans land for the whole race. Neal was too strong for my old fat bones and I was able to hold the rest of the crew off based on the fact that my bike is really nice and my clothing is fast. so I finished in second. Not bad considering.

Team Nativo - Devinci post sunshine coaster xc. I think we look cool? Neal looks pissed and marty looks happy cause Tara's about to do his laundry. If it looks like Im happy to be done its cause I am.

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