Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy new year!

Being the party animal I am Toby and I decided to have a new years bash like no other. So we went and climbed mt cheam on skis. Happy new year everyone! we drove my trusty deer killer car up chipmunk creek road as far as we could. Then strapped on the skis and made a mad push for the summit. we also did a couple laps in the sweet pow and we were gone from 9am - 4pm. It was the best ski of my life, no joke! a summit, climbing with no shirts, unreal blue bird day, pow town like no ones business, and an awesome sandwich half way. This is as good as it gets!
Right as I was taking this photo toby broke his binding, we got it going but he was stuck on a low climbing setting all day.
toby half way up the mountain.
The first thing I think about when I reach the top of a mountain is to check my email! are you kidding me?
toby rocked a safeway sandwich and I got a triangle bun with leftover christmas dinner ham and bbq sauce. food tasted much better at 1800m
two of us at the top.
Toby shredding pow on the way down.
Oh yes now would it really be a chilliwack adventure without finding some redneck to left his beer cans on the side of the road? we ran into these guys on the way down and I told them they forgot some cans up the road, well! he told me there were other people up the road, yeah Im sure the organic granola snowshoe crunchers left the rainier beer cans behind. (the red neck guys had lifted dodge trucks and were burning pallets and drinking rainier beer) you just got to love chilliwack. then at the bottom of the road some dude rolled his quad on top of himself and was getting air lifted out. you got to love natural selection.
lady peak!
Harrison lake.
boo yeah!
just slashing the pow, check out that skin track as well. so unreal!
Best ever!
This little section was so good! If you ski you know what these turns feel like. its so hard to explain to people that dont ski how good this feels! it is unreal!
Not bad for being in my back yard eh?
pow farming.
lots of people make fun of me for this car. but its the best car ever built! 4wd, the hood doubles as a table, the thing is indestructible! toby came out for a week of skiing and we drove this thing into the ground and it just keeps going. I cant kill it! so sick!
Not a bad way to end 2010
so after the ski toby and I went back to the farm and ate leftover turkey and then went over to some crazy peoples house. We drank wine and ate cheese cake then went home at 11. I was sleeping by 1130. Im a party animal! that cake was unreal! CAAAAAAAKKE!
Happy new everyone!

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