Monday, January 10, 2011

Refund ski.

Nate and I went up to baker for Jan 2nd and I guess the winding mountain road and to much flap jacks made Nate not feel to well. I had to stop like 3 times to let Nate Dawg get out of the car and toss his cookies. Now Nates a good friend and you really hate to see a friend not feel well like that, but watching other people puke is kinda funny. So when we got to the parking lot on this unreal blue bird power day I really wanted to ski, nate wanted to nap in the front seat of my car. So I found some other dudes that were skiing and asked to tag along, Nate said I should so its all good. Andy, Jon and Rob were the guys I met who are all from Bellingham and we had a great day skiing the Hermon saddle. Nate also met some guys after he felt better and ended up skiing shuksan arm. We met at the car after and it was a great day.
skyline trail in the background.
some skin. The guys were all from bellingham and Andy was an anesthesiologist at the sedro woolly hospital and had a really funny story about some guy who shoved a mustard jar up his butt and they couldn't get it out so they ended up doing this major surgery and cutting open his stomach. The guy was in the hospital for a week! unreal! million to one shot doc!
de skin

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