Saturday, January 01, 2011

Calaghan skate ski.

Thursday Toby and I headed up to the calaghan for some unreal skate skiing. I've been to the calaghan about 5 times before and never had a blue bird day. Until Thursday and it was well worth it. The real story of the day is how I bonked really bad. So I woke up at 5am ate oatmeal then drove to whistler waxed skis and was skiing by like 9 then we pissed around for a while cause toby broke a pole and we got lost. Then we hit this 15km climb up to Calaghan lodge and worked hard and sweat lots and just had a riot! then it was -11c at the lodge and we had to go down for 15k. I was so hungry and just frozen half way down and my body really shut down. I almost fainted when toby was shoving hot packs in my gloves cause I thought my fingers were done. My body was telling me Im an Idiot! You got to eat you know. you got to bring extra clothing you know. so dumb. I guess im still learning. what a day, one for the books.

The night before, Liver and onions with triangle bun. a read and texting. This is as good as it gets.
Bloody turkey liver. mmmm
Wax hut.
Oh yeah its ok I guess. single skate what! this is half way up to the lodge.
On the way up we stopped and got some coffee. Ps note the flip flops. This is not Alberta. and I should have got the family meal at this stop but Im not smart like that.
Mad tuck.
toby and I.

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