Tuesday, December 28, 2010

U pow year two.

Toby's in town for year two of u pow. So far we have skied pauls ridge in Squamish and Zoa peak on the coq. We have just been getting dumped on and its just pow town everywhere! Here are the photos and the good times. I think Thursday we are going skate skiing at the Calaghan and then going to try and bag some peak somewhere on friday. No real time for sleeping in however. Getter done.
Thanks to B and K's tip about the Blue moose cafe in Hope we enjoyed some awesome brew on the way home from the coq.
Christmas is such an awesome time! Family, Friends, and the leftovers. This is my back country meal of the day. Triangle bun with cranberry sauce and turkey. Sweet sweet leftovers. mmmm. coke too, dont forget coke.
Nate davis (world class kayak racer) and Toby shredding the pow in Squamish.
Nate and Toby. Ready for some down. Cause the up to down ratio is......
Post ski dinner. this is triangle bun # 4 for the day. cranberry, turkey egg combo, and cheese. oh mama, it might have been the best meal I have ever had!
dropping in on some sweet sweet. So I got these poles from MCC last year and they are getting some many complements out on the mountain whenever we do end up running into ppl. I got them for $2. maybe the best 2$ ever spent. totally worth it.
this avi was triggered by another group of 3 skiers out on zoa. I was saying to toby on the way up on the lap before this went how this would be a good area to avoid. Yeah good call eh. no one was hurt or buried.
skin track limbo, how low can you go?
parking lot coq. kind of hard to get out of the car.
Triangle buns are all you need. these things make the world go round. then all you need is whatever you got in the fridge to put in them and your good to go.
you also need coffee, like 12 shots of espresso every morning should do it. thank you corn dawg master for the awesome stove top espresso maker.
pauls ridge pow town.
320cm of total snow. boo yeah!
7hrs of trail breaking in this stuff, oh its fun.
can we go down yet?

all right I got to go to costco now and get a couple more bags of triangle buns have a great week everyone. and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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