Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 sisters!

Well this last weekend was a such a good weekend. On Saturday I ended up meeting an old high school friend on face book named Nathan Etsell and we planed a back country ski day. we went to needle peak at that coquihalla. Then Sunday I did the 7 sisters trail run with Karen Rogers. Saturday was so good! Nathan was a champ and skied like a pro. I've never been to the 7 sisters before,(yes you can really have fun with all the 7 sister jokes) and it was awesome, its just 7 massive douglas fir trees, its really cool and I've never been there before so it was awesome!
BC parks.oh yeah
Giving one of the seven sisters a hug. Im a real tree hugger.(yes connor I know you gave more then a hug to my sisters)
Karen's dog Charlie, I loved him so much I took him home with me, hes playing with max right now.
Come on Karen your killing me! what a great run. Im going to do the around the lake 30k this year, but only cause Im turning 30 around that time, these are some of the trails in the race.
Etsell ready to slash some pow. there was like a foot of fresh and it was unreal!
Russian rye bread with PB and honey. then a home made trail mix with chocolate covered espresso beans and cranberries and yogurt covered raisins.
skin track up with needle peak in the back ground.
skin it!
trail head. it was a big day for the little man, "oh cramp!"

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