Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Camera for you!

So I dropped some coin on this sweet Nikon s8100 camera, well I cant find it anywhere now. I think it might be lost for good. Nice eh. Plus I've been really sick this week. But I feel much better today and might get out and move later today. The folks were gone in Mexico last week also so I was doggy sitting Libby and Brad and Karen some how pawned their dog Charlie off on me so I had 3 dogs at my place and it was just a gong show. Feeding these guys took about 6 hrs because I had to feed them all different food and separate them for the feedings or libby would eat all the food and max would shrivel up and die. Then add chuck to the mix, oh boy what a week, but these dogs are so cute you just cant say no. I dont even want to think what my poor mom went through with 4 kids. The last week made me really think twice about wanting kids. so much work! so since I got no camera I got no photos of the dogs. I feel bad about posting no photos cause of my lack of camera. so here are some shots of skookumchuck from a couple summers ago. I think a trip needs to go back there this summer? whos with me?


Marian Davidson said...

I'll be there in June... Save some Skook time for me.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to take the dogs for another week as soon as you get another camera! Chuck still has a few pounds to lose so let me know when the fat farm opens again:)