Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Chicks.

Oh life is so good! Chicks eh? young ones. They need a lot of work. So anyhow the chickens will be 3 weeks old thursday and these photos are when they were a week old. still so cute! I also got a new camera so my hope is that my blog can take on a whole new look.
1 week old. they look really good too.
Manning park sunday sunset.
so the river at manning did something really strange I dont know what happened but there was massive ice chunks all over the trail. the river was blowing chunks much like a nauseous brad rogers on the hwy.
Cindy and I just killing the ski. just a perfect day.
cindy crashing
as good as new. this new camera is really nice I think, Nikon S8100
getting dressed at the parking lot.
Starbucks with Brad and Karen, I would cover my face too if I was seen with this guy.
max just loving life.
I was cold and this is the sweater Jay lets me borrow. I look like Im from Iceland?
eat eat your skin and bones.
Hey Marty remember poland? Marina had this cup in her house.
everyone like the new camera, these two got a hold of the camera and took a bunch of photos, this is the only one I can really use on the blog. Have a great week everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Dude man you really need to learn how to spell people's names (roDgers).....and as for the nausea comment well that's just uncalled for:)