Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blood, Sweat, and Cookies?

All right! what a great week! we live in the best place ever!
First annual Cookie run at peninsula runners abbotsford! cookies are so good!
Nate and I found this gem on the drive home from the cookie run! I dont think it had any rust.
Saturday Needle peak with Brad, Karen, and Greg. It was a serious adventure. Max also came.
Back country meal of the day. Safeway California dreaming sandwich. mmmmm!
My Kid. He is so fast, but he tends to get in the way sometimes.
Oh boy! Send the animal rights guys after me for posting this. So Im skiing down this fast part and Max gets in the way and I cut his leg with my ski. No yelp, no nothing! then we are skiing out and I see blood all over the snow and I wonder what up? then I see the blood on max and realized I cut him up pretty bad. So I decided I had to get max back to the car and fix him up. Greg is a beginner skier so I had to leave him to go down himself. The trail was very clear so he should be fine. I booted down with a bloody Max and fixed him up with nurse Karen at the car. (see next photo for the after shot) Then we are waiting and after much confusion we all ended up at the car half hour after dark. Greg ended up loosing the trail and fallowed max's blood trail out. What a day.
Nice eh? I think Im going to be a vet in my next life. Electric tape, TP and hand sani. Good as new. Max is going to make a full recovery. He ran 8k this morning and the cut is looking great!
Next day skied Zoa with Dawg Brew. This is a photo of max's blood on my ski from the day before. PS that ONYX binding is the cats PJ's
Dawg slicing up some sweet sweet.
Dawg and I Zoa area. we skied fresh (fresh) lines for like 6 hrs and saw no one! this is why I dont really care much for lifts. Did I mention the fresh lines? yeah!
The dear killer at the put in. What a great day!
Back country lunch for the day. Egg sandwich with Cheese, dehydrated pears, and a coke. Food tastes so good. I'm trying to watch my figure.

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