Wednesday, December 01, 2010

No soup for you!

This last week was unreal! we got like a foot of snow in abby and it was on! I skate skied down the road with max, it was unreal! also.......

So Klade and I went to get take out sushi but it was going to take 15 min for the sushi master to make it so this is what we did in our waiting time. Abbotsford has no shortage of Church parking lots, and its a good thing I have some sleds and rope in the car for emergency purposes. Most fun I have ever had! so random

see Klade came right from hot yoga and was not really ready for the fun times but he still had a go at it, shorts and all.
This sushi was so worth the wait! it was good.

Also, Movember is now over. Oh its so nice to be normal (or normal to me) again. I got a hair cut too. clean cut eh? bring it!

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Toby Roessingh said...

What gives! Trying to get a job or something?