Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Any Given Tuesday

Oh sweet mama! its the last week of movember for me. For the last week Im rocking the "Charlie Chaplin". I cant wait til this week is over. Monday afternoon I was skate skiing at cypress and rocking the stash and I realized half way through my ski I was wearing this nice German national team Jacket I got about 10years ago. I really think I got some strange look thats day. ( much stranger then the looks I normally get) I had a great ski too! The Germans are coming!

So bad, Im sorry.
Any given Tuesday the Abby gators running club came out to Peninsula runners for a run. We did 7.5km in -11c oh so fun! but there was pizza right after. Nice tights Jay, you are looking fine.

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Toby Roessingh said...

You mean Ze Germans.