Monday, December 06, 2010

best weekend ever!

Friday I got to ski in the coq area with Curtis and Dave. We headed up thar peak and ended up finding a lot of wind affected areas but did find some good turns along the way. We kind of ended up doing a loop right around thar peak and back along the frozen shores of falls lake. Such an awesome day. totally blower bro!
Curtis and Dave half way up thar.
This might rank very high on the list of back country lunches of all time. NO joke! So I got an awesome thermos last year from Christmas and have been using it a ton as of late and there's nothing like some warm spiked tea atop a mountain. The sandwich is a costco triangle bun with (they cost about 4.99 for a 100 buns) then I put some mayo and bbq sauce on with a bunch of fried up deli meats, full mixed grill. Wow its good! Food always tastes so much better in the back country eh?

Curtis about to drop in on some sweet sweet

If you look careful you can see our tracks, oh mama!

the up track, we lapped this one area cause we found some good turns, so you got to take advantage! you just got to!

Just before we got around to falls lake we had to get through a maze of boulders. I felt like a kid on the back of a box of pro starts trying to get out of the hockey rink. it was so crazy some of the boulders were just massive like these ones. I dont climb at all but the boys do and they were saying it could be a great area to do some bouldering.

Saturday I took my cousin Craig up to the heliotrope ridge area up on baker. Again we found some great pow pow but so much wind affected areas. It was really cool cause you come around the corner and mt baker is like BAM!!!! in your face. Its such a beautiful area! I love it out there. The real story is how bad we got the car stuck in the middle of nowhere and how we helped another group dig their truck out and how we got some free smoked salmon and then found a thermos with hot chocolate in it and ended up giving some smoked salmon to these two girls whose thermos it was. But thats a story for another day.

Craig just about to die.

Sunday I dragged this guy from Iceland and this guy from Lytton and this greg guy from abby up hollyburn on snow shoes. Jay and Klade had a great time. I think Jay broke his finger. I also ended up skate skiing with greg for a bit too. On my new rossi xium skis, oh wow so fast.

The top of hollyburn. good times.

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