Tuesday, December 14, 2010


10c and just pissing rain! So wet and awesome! Got to love sitting inside drinking coffee listening to the rain on the tin roof. Anyhow this last week was a bit more chill then Im used to. The freezing level went way up and it got really warm and I had to work a bit. But it was still a great week. I got to skate ski manning park Saturday on some very nice conditions. Sunday I played Brad "ridged" Rogers in Squash and got closer then I've ever been. I think its only a matter of time now before he starts to age and I get younger. I did take him down however in the push up pyramid. I didn't really take my camera out this week so really I got nothing. But I got my new skate skis!
Oh oh I also got a new cell phone! the free athletes gravy train phone has come to a screeching halt!it only took them 3 years too figure it out but hey thats fine by me. I got a really good plan, I hope. I got free incoming calls! so Call me! I got free evenings and weekends too! So Ill just call you after 6. Bring it. I was going to get an IPhone but I don't think Im cool enough so I just got another flipper. oh Flipper.

These are the new pain sticks. Oh mama are they fast. I forgot what it feels like to go so fast on skate skis. Its such a rip! I just need to use them more.

First off, Im not a runner......but I do run. I got these sweet brooks ghost 3 shoes a while ago and just love them! they may be the best "running" shoe I have ever laced up. So comfortable and cushy! I should run more, I really would like to have my 10k down to 31.58.

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