Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Im going to be rocking a sweet 4 week stash program for November.
It took me a while to grow this animal on my face, oh the itch, oh the heat.

Stash for week one.

other side. nice eh? I wore the sweat band and a valley royals track jacket from 1980 and rocked a 1980 Adidas gym bag to the gym today.
some new friends I met at waves. Toby, Sam, and Max. Max is the boarder collie, cool eh? Toby is the Sheltie and they said toby doesn't listen very well and is kind of slow. I found that kind of interesting.

Jay rolled his ankle on sunday. Check out the purple on his foot! insane.
Then on Tuesday I went Mt biking with a couple of Canada's best road cycling dorks. We rode vedder and went up to hang gliders and it was awesome to get back up there after about 3 years. I really do miss that place.
Will got a flat.
The boys not really wanting to get hurt decided to walk this one. I told em just point it straight and let go of the brakes. Trust me, nothing bad ever happens.

the guys ran out of food and started eating the root of the devils club.

Hey lets drive our 4x4 up as high as we can then make a massive fire and shoot shot guns and drink a ton of beer and toss the the empty cans over the cliff. Whos in? I'll bring the diesel.

This is no bath room sink stash. its the real deal. Hang gliders is so good!

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