Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thompson river.

Sunday 6 of us paddled the thompson. Big waves and big fun! So Derek and anna went up in D rocks vibe and I drove the "deer killer"(my cars new name) up with Jazz, jordan, and Kiah. our car was so much fun! I had to play the responsible adult in the car. 16year boys can say some bad things so I kept things clean and wholesome, for my best interest and for Jazz's. The river was so much fun! I think the one section has waves as big as my house!
Some quotes on the drive.
Jordan in regards to the fly in the car. "its like Africa in here"

A very scared Jazz in regards to me driving way to fast in the dark pissing rain. "Ricky how can you see where your going?"

Ricky when asked are we there yet. "well the increase in rain has just increased so we are very close to chilliwack"

take out. where the Thompson and Fraser meet.

driving up the fraser canyon.

eating some snacks. what else is new.

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Connor said...

Sick dry-top bro. You are just gear ballin'.