Thursday, September 09, 2010

just another bike race.

Couple weeks ago I raced the Just another bike race in squamish. I guess I was well rested cause I had some good legs. I even got in the news paper

Other then doing one bike race I've been fishing, kayaking, and working.

This is an email I got from the squamish golden boy after the race.

"and for the record i killed myself racing yesterday.... Ricky, as per usual, made all us spandex-clad monkey's look like fools with his charismatic style; baggy clothes, merino wool, and mad speed. The chicken farmer still rips."
Neal Kindree.

Thanks Neal. enjoy the photos.

Post race shower
Standing wave right out my back door. It was like 35c this day, Im paddling with just a pfd and spray deck.

Sockeye slaughter

Riding the vedder ridge trail with james b-rad and the dawg.

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