Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poached eggs

Or poached trails, either way they are really good. Mike from, Nate P and I drove out in mikes 1992 space van and poached this hiking trail about an hour or so from chilliwack. We went late in the evening to avoid any rangers and mass amounts of granola crunchers with khaki pants. The plan was perfect! the trail was unreal! we got to the top in perfect time but we kind of had to rush cause the daylight was fading. Then bam! nate pulled of the worst mechanical I have ever seen in my life! flat tire, 5 broken spokes, broken chain, broken hanger and a mangled derailleur. So we fixed it best we could and rode down most the trail in the dark, oh the good times this is not the best time to have your bike fall apart, nice sun set eh?
Just a sick sick trail!

Oh Mama!

Pre ride


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