Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Padden lake

July 18th I raced the 18th annual padden mt pedal in bellingham washington.

This van has been to every padden!

on route to winning the 2010 padden mt pedal!

On This race has always held a special place in my heart cause its the very first race I ever did in my entire life way back in 1997! I haven't done it every year but here is the rundown.

1997 - broke my flat bar in half and dnf the u17

1998 - did serious battle with another Junior, I think it was barry wicks. he lead the whole race by 20sec and I passed him right at the end and won by 20sec

1999 - won the jr men

2000 - lined up with Kabush, a very fit and fast Dre, Ryder, and Shandro. Shandro won the whole shot prime and I finished 4th behind the honch guys I just mentioned

2006 - Kabush beat me by 30 sec at nationals the day before but I won the senior men's race at padden for the first time!

2008 - Marty and I skied the baker area the morning of the race and Marty won then I got second!
2010 - I wear a sombrio "dude man" kit and ride a 5 and 5 bike to the win!

Its such a fun course and such a good event! its the reason we all love to ride cause its fun! oh and winning beer on the podium really helps too! This year was not an easy year 2010 gear jammer winner Logan Wetzel was there and post race I was very nervous cause back in my he put like 4 min into me at the baker ski to sea race! but I rode a really good race at a padden and was able to hold him off!
peace out!


Logan Wetzel said...

hahaha i'm glad i could at least make you nervous! Way to kill it!


XC racing is dead.. Post a blog about poaching hiking trail and epic mechanicals at the worst possible time.