Sunday, August 01, 2010

A back yard epic

A couple weeks ago Scott Simpson and I went and rode up the bridal falls forstry service road and rode just under mt cheam and over to mt mercer then along the thurston elk ridge then ripped elk. it was a real epic from my place at vedder crossing it took about 6hrs with many stops. there was a crazy bushwhack on mercer and we got tree sap all over our rotors, fun stuff.

my horse on the top of thurston. Im so blown away with this bike. Its a 2009 trek ex 8 with lots of upgrades. Its the jack of all trades as far as Im concerned. I got some xtr wheels for it and with them on its a 25lb xc race winning rocket and then the stock wheels with 2.4 tires make it a huck your meat with the braws machine. word, this bike is sick.
scott checking his email in the middle of nowhere

half way up bridal falls road. scott is starting to feel the burn!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty good little loop for an importer - exporter and a notary.