Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thar peak

Hit up the Thar peak in the coke area last week with the corn dawg master. We were going to ski but we didn't really know where to ski then I got this book called exploring the coast mountains on skis and its a really good book with some awesome skis that are in my hood (coke, chilliwack, and baker). We found this Thar peak and went to hit it up. We kind of went half way up thar then around the backside to some really cool terrain with OK snow but not really pow town. However we did find pow town near the bottom of thar and did a couple runs and then it got dark and we hit McDonald's and went home. Now the skiing party is over for the next week cause my folks went on holidays to mexico and I got to spend all my time baby sitting a bunch of 6week old chickens and some farm dogs. On the plus side I could use some rest from all the skiing.
the corn dawg master!
crash landing for the master
Connor always has the most unreal lunch, I'm always rocking the costco triangle bun with nutella and PB and the corn dawg has a pita with roast beef, sprouts, and special sauce. you got to eat, right!
some big lines