Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best week ever!

This last week may have just been the best of all time. Abbotsford/Chilliwack has been blasted with some spring like weather and its been clear and 10-12c for day time highs. After night skate skiing at cypress in brown snow and trying my best to avoid massive dirt puddles I decided to dust off the old mt bike and hit it hard! Wednesday I had an unreal ride up Big Sumas. I have never been to the top in winter before cause you always run into snow but not this year. The trails on the way down were just unreal, mint, and just as good if not better then they are in June. I found this new trail called Noah fear and it was sick! Thursday it was so warm I thought kayaking the Chilliwack would be a good idea, and it was, I took the new creek boat out and just bombed down everything.
Kind of a fuzz photo but you get the point, kayaking is king. The river was at a great level.

Anna's thinking of buying a new house. I told her you might want to look around a bit.

This is what my Friday morning looked like, if you know vedder at all you would agree this is not a bad way to spend Friday morning.

Friday afternoon I headed out to Van city. Then Marty and I packed up the tercel 4wd and woke up at 5am and rolled out to the Duffy Lake area. We stopped at McDonald's in Squamish and pounded back a couple egg mcmuffins made with a freshly cracked grade A Canada egg. Then we got to the Cerise creek parking lot and strapped on the skis.
This is the area we found on day one, yeah it was OK. No big deal.

This shot was taken just above Keith's Hut, I think Marty is just loving it!

If we grew up in this area I don't think we could have planed a better ski we skied on a glacier, over a bunch of ridges, through some trees then at the end of the day we found a nice little pow town stash and lapped it 3 times. What a day!
This was taken from the top of pow town run. I think that's Duffy lake in the background. you can also see the hwy off to the left.

For day two we wanted to ski Cayoosh Mt. So we parked at the Cayoosh parking lot and jumped the snow bank at the parking lot and set up camp. We didn't really get out of the tent all that much cause it was -13 outside. I did have a great sleep.

stagg chilli and mr noodles has never tasted so good!

Skin track up in the Cayoosh area.

Marty at the top ready to shredy.

Parking lot after, and yes that is a camp stove boiling water for my coffee on the way home. Right!!!!!!!

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Corndeeezy said...

I totally agree Yoshiaro-- Ricky should get back to the farm before his dad blows a gasket and ends up in the hospital!