Wednesday, January 06, 2010


OK so I have been to busy skiing like mad to update this thing. So U of POW started on face book when Connor was complaining about the lack of snow in his hood and were were getting hammered in November. I said connor you should move back to chilliwack so you can hit the pow! toby then wrote ya to the awesome university there. then I wrote ya the U of pow. hence the u of pow. Toby and connor both came out here over the holidays to attend the U of POW. Here is what went down. enjoy the photos.

Over the last couple weeks we have spent a ton of time up at he coquihalla area and this is on the ridge down from Zupjok - Alpaca ridge.
On the ridge it was really wind blasted and the trees looked very cool and the views were off the wall, it felt like you were on a different planet. We nicknamed the area Planet Zop
See planet Zop
Connor eating
Zop ridge with coke hwy in the background
Connor really big striding to keep up with toby.

This is taken from the needle peak area, the corn dawg sending it
Needle area

Lunch stop

Im thinking pow

Connor "wow this is the best skin track ever"
Went up needle with Claire, her Dad and max right when we got a big dump
Toby, Maya, and Max shredding on Cypress
Oh this one was a good one, elfin lakes, we skied up to the red heather hut and did some sweet rips down pauls ridge then when we got back to the car we were stuck cause there was 6 cars in the ditch on the road and they were not letting anyone down the mountain unless they had chains. I had no chains and yada yada yada we did make it home but not till 2am

5 years old? yaaa
toby and maya
marty at baker
connor toby marty, baker
de skin under table mt
baker area

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