Sunday, June 07, 2009

Best weekend ever! (serious I think so)

This may have been the best weekend ever, Sunday I had the best best mt bike ride ever in abbotsford on sumas mt and in the morning I went kayaking on the chilliwack river. The real kicker of the weekend was the Saturday Corn Dawg and I had, we took my wicked tercel 4x4 up to mt cheam packed with a dog, skis, and bikes. It was all fogged in at the bottom then as we got to the top we were above the clouds. Unreal!
Riding with a bunch of Doctors up sumas mt road, its like a solid 30min climb then you get this unreal single track down with tons of flow and jumps it was so much fun!
kayak on the chilliwack, surfs up dude, I went with a couple 14year old girls and I got showed.

anyone can go down the river right side up, I think its a whole lot harder going up side down.

Jolly miller home of the ultimate burger, a must after a long day in the woods.

Big hair big air

corn dawg racing max down.

max with slesse popping out of the clouds

max was a little tired at the top, full nap for him.

I had to hold on to max at the top cuz he wanted to stand on this nasty cornice and there is cliffs all over the place.

corn dawg almost at the top and loving it.

a group of hikers at the top.

max on the top of the world.

the long road up.

whatever it takes to ski

the parking lot.

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