Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day 2 rogers pass.

I think you need to start a big day in the back country with a breakfast that is or resembles the “Denny's Grand slam”, but we left too early and had to settle for the “hotel room bunt” Marty, Troy, Wade and I got an early start and were skinning up by 730. We had to get a permit cause they blast for avalanches in the area and had to make sure they were not going to blast us, we also needed a parks pass at the info center. The info center was packed with a bunch of stuffed animals, not the white Eeyore kind. Right at the start of the skin track we had to cross this massive avalanche with huge boulders of snow, it was so epic. Then we got to the top and found a bunch of sweet power. It was so good to do a epic day with Troy after spending a bunch of years racing him on bikes. We did about 7or8 runs and Wade got his 10000ft day in, it took us about 11hrs, then we went back to the hotel, had a burger and hit the sack. Oh mama! maybe the best day ever!

Post ski parking lot.
wade checking the gps and marty hitting pow.

face shot for marty.
Marty about to go down.
Troy and Marty snack time, mmm pb and J.

the long road up.
Wade and Marty going up beside the old avalanche.
The Hotel Bunt breakfast, almond breeze milk and cereal, and pb
One big day!

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