Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day 2 rogers pass.

I think you need to start a big day in the back country with a breakfast that is or resembles the “Denny's Grand slam”, but we left too early and had to settle for the “hotel room bunt” Marty, Troy, Wade and I got an early start and were skinning up by 730. We had to get a permit cause they blast for avalanches in the area and had to make sure they were not going to blast us, we also needed a parks pass at the info center. The info center was packed with a bunch of stuffed animals, not the white Eeyore kind. Right at the start of the skin track we had to cross this massive avalanche with huge boulders of snow, it was so epic. Then we got to the top and found a bunch of sweet power. It was so good to do a epic day with Troy after spending a bunch of years racing him on bikes. We did about 7or8 runs and Wade got his 10000ft day in, it took us about 11hrs, then we went back to the hotel, had a burger and hit the sack. Oh mama! maybe the best day ever!

Post ski parking lot.
wade checking the gps and marty hitting pow.

face shot for marty.
Marty about to go down.
Troy and Marty snack time, mmm pb and J.

the long road up.
Wade and Marty going up beside the old avalanche.
The Hotel Bunt breakfast, almond breeze milk and cereal, and pb
One big day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 0 and Day 1

Day 0 I picked up Max and pawned him off on my Mom and Dad for the week. Then Marty and I got in the car and debated about life and cars and anything else you can imagine all the way to Salmon Arm to stay the night with Paulie Skinner. After a little chow and sleep we drove to SilverStar/Sovereign lakes for some wicked skate skiing. For day one conditions were just unreal, just below 0 and blue sky and fresh groomed trails. We got there, got trail passes, Marty waxed his skis and we skied for 4hrs and it was just the cats PJ's. After we finished we hit the road and stopped at safeway for some Cali dreaming and drove to rogers pass where we meet up with Troy and Wade. We went to bed early at the Rogers Pass Hotel. The next day was one of the most epic days of my life so stay tuned. If you want a little preview you can check out Wades site. www.treepilot.ca
waxing hut.
Marty trying to get the upper hand on me by waxing his skis. Bring it!
full ski bum experience! I hope my car makes it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mexican all inclusive holiday?

Marty and I just got back from a unreal holiday, quite possibly the best ever! So we did 7days of skiing all around BC/Alberta. We drove my 1989 toyota tercel the whole way with no problems, I think this car might be the best car ever built! Serious I got no head gasket problems and my cat is not on the way out or anything. We had the roof box for all our skis and the back seat for all the gear. We had a plan of what we were going to do and we didn't really stick to it at all but the skiing and the adventures we had were the best ever! To make the trip a little complicated I found my dream dog in Vancouver and the morning before we left so I went and got my new dog Max, thank to my family for taking care of it the whole week. Max is a black lab/boarder collie cross and has a ton of juice, he is 10 months old. I think he is going to be the best hiking/biking dog ever. I am going to whip him into unreal shape and he should be king of the neighborhood soon. I just took him out for a little bike ride and he is on it! So every day this week I will tell a tale about a day of our trip. So stay tuned to this site for all the best action ever! Here is the max Dawg!

Its kind of hard to get a good photo of max cause he just keeps moving around.
Good boy!

Best dog ever!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Barn.

So no blog update in a while because I was busy building a 400foot long double wide chicken barn. But all is good now cause the chickens are in and now I have more time to play. We are just working on figuring out the computer system that feeds the birds and there is kinks every day but things are getting better. Next week Marty and I are going on a week long ski trip all around BC and Alberta we are going to hit up silverstar, Revelstoke, Canmore, Banff, Crowsnest pass, Fernie, and then Rossland, it could be the best week ever! Here are some photos of the barn that took up almost all my time, almost, there was a couple days of skiing.
mt baker.
the view of baker from the barn
the inside of the barn when we are close to done.

framing the barn.
concrete time.
ski touring baker after the barn is done.
happy chickens
8000 chickens, this is only half of them.
During the build Nate, Ryan and Marty helped build the barn and my mom would put out a sweet lunch spread. mmmm