Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sicky Ricky

Kind of a bummer weekend. I was either going to go to silverstar again solo in the tercel or go ski on the glacier on mt baker, which should have ample snow right now. After Marty kind of made fun of me for driving so much I caved in and decided to stay home and do the baker. So Ryan P got some AT skis and we drove out to the big white baker. Well there was more snow and better skiing in August. Soon they should have snow up there but not right now. So we basically did a 3 hr hike with skis on our back and skied for 2min, but I did get to ski for 2min. Then on Sunday I was just really tired and chilled out and felt something coming on and now I am full blown sick. I think its just my body building up anti body's for the rest of the winter so its all good. I will be fine, it just sucks sitting on the couch watching CMT for 12hrs a day with Kleenex jammed up my nose. I am eating garlic like there is no tomorrow and I have been drinking the ginger/lemon juice/honey/hot water combo as well. I should be good soon.
This is what I skied down. you would get like 5 feet of snow then 5ft of ice, its decmber right?
As you can see my jacket has fresh snow on it. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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