Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas in December and another Silverstar weekend!

Thursday a bunch of stuff from Rossi came in so a skiing weekend was going to take place. There was suppose to be a big group of us going to whistler to ski the Callaghan but they got a big dumping of rain and it was forecast to rain the whole weekend so we made the plan to go to Silver star. The star had a 36cm base and 8cm new so I knew it would be good! The big group became very small very fast. Nate went to Vegas to gamble all his EI money away and Matry and Tara had to go to a poetry reading all weekend so it was just me and Claire left and we packed up Claire's dad's 1989 4 runner and hit the road. The 89 4 runner may be the best truck ever! Claire has never skate skied before and made some mad gains as you can see in the video and I got to use my new X-ium skis and boots and one way poles and it was unreal fast!

This is my new ski set ups for the year. Oh mama Sita! All we need now is a crazy dumping of snow!
Rossi must know I am a chicken farmer because they put a little chicken on my skis.
Toby, this is what a ski waxing stand should look like. I got to get some C clamps to make it more secure but its going to be the best ever! I waxed my skis Saturday morning before we went up, fresh wax, I like!
Starbucks and snow, the best combo ever! Oh wait the California Dreaming sandwich from safeway and bucks and snow post ski thats the best ever and it went down both days. But no photos, sorry.
Saturday we got to silver star at like 330 and we skied for a bit in the light and then a lot in the dark with head lamps on. This photo is at the top of the comet and yes that is a Ricky bar in my mouth, life doesn't get any better then this. The trail that goes down from the comet is unreal!
New gear and the 4 runner.
Toby, Connor, Marty, you guys should take a good look at this photo
Because this is the view you guys will have when we ski. Bibs on!
The sun set on the way down Sunday was very cool, the whole town of Vernon was covered in clouds and we were above it.


petervallance said...

you're my hero, Ricky.

Connor said...

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky-- don't underestimate the glide and massive poling power of the corn-dawg. Sure, I've been shackled by exams lately and don't have endless days of recreation like a slack assed chicken farmer. But when I'm sprung it is going to be 10 hours of grueling skate-ski torture every day! And Ive been doing my squats and deep lunges in the gym! meow mix, meow mix yum yum yum!

Oh and Ricky, why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to step in front of a 89 blazer and end his life because Connor whooped him bibs on!

Michael Holroyd said...

Connor, you can't even beat me at squash!? how are you going to beat anyone on skis.

Ricky, is this part of the six year plan? When are you coming to AB. Lina and I miss you.