Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheam pow and Cypress glide!

Wow what a sweet weekend! Saturday I went up Cheam with a couple of redneck 18year olds and the pow was unreal! the real story of that trip is kind of on the DL and if you want to find out more you have to email me or phone me. Then on sunday afternoon I went to Cypress with Claire and I ran in to Tim and we skated our brains off! check out the video of tim killing it. Cypress was good but my pole kept going through the snow cause its not really that well packed yet. Oh what a great weekend!
sunday at cypress, best ever!
rednecks on quads, check out the pow! I skined all the way like a true hard man!

this is what I would call real frosty tips, marty you should get some frosty tips?


C-to-the-dizzaay! said...

What a jerk-- you cut that old lady off and made her fall. Ricky, I thought you were a good farm boy?!

Tom said...

What's the real story of the weekend? And why is it on the DL? Email me!

Redneck 18year old said...

The real story is truly badass!!

Michael Holroyd said...

I thought you would have learned how to ski by now. One tech Ricky... come out and find out how it's really done.