Sunday, November 23, 2008

you tint my window?

The past two weekends I have gone XC skate skiing at silverstar. On weekend one the conditions were not so hot but I was skiing and it was sweet! I went with Nate in the rav 4 and he got a speeding ticket and we stayed at a friend ( from high school in Vernon. Weekend two was a full solo mission with me in the tercel and tenting in the wal mart parking lot hard man style. The skiing was unreal! I was on fire but the real story of the weekend was what happened to Betsey(my car) but you will have to check out the photos to see. Enjoy.
Nate nate nate, you speeder!
oh mama! full skiing!

driving down into vernon to spend the night, the sun sets over the lake are unreal!
Strapping on a feed bag on the way home after skiing 4ish hrs each day. Mmm safeway is my new best friend. Oh and Nate had these free starbucks drink cards so we each got like 6$ drink and took full advantage of it, I got a Venti de cafe mocha latte with whip cream and caramel drizzle fo shizzle! And chocolate shavings. I am almost as fat as the corn dawg after a week of egg nog lattes.

This was on a friday night salmon BBQ in North van. Cake!!!!!!!!!
The top of the coke on weekend 2. my car was unreal in the snow! My sweet paint job kind of got destroyed by all the gravel and salt but what can you do?
My home for the night.
OK so I drink coffee in Vernon all morning then I get to the hill and I got to pee so bad, so I get out of my car in my T shirt and take a pee in the bush, (yes I was raised on a farm) then I try to get back into my car and its locked and my keys are in the car. Hum this is not good, and I'm cold! And my jackets in the car! And I want to ski now! So long story short I suck at breaking in to my own car and break the window by accident. So I end up stashing anything thats of any value at the silver star front desk and I had the best ski ever! My thoughts were I can just drive home with the windows down right?
Wrong! I get down the mountain and I just about froze to death. So I fixed up the window and drove home. The duck tape lasted the whole way, Red Green would be so proud of me. And yes the drive sucked!

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