Monday, December 29, 2008

A Festivis for the rest of us

Holidays are just crazy. I have been having way too much fun! I got to go to sleep now. Enjoy the photos.
December 20 Claire and I went to mt Cheam to hike up and ski down. When we got to the bowl at spoon lake there was two guys who got there snowmobile stuck in a gully so we pulled the nice guy move and helped these guys pull the sled out for 1.5hrs. I did a lot of pulling on a rope and there was not much for Claire to do so she just stood on the ridge and took photos and froze to death. It was kind of getting dark and we both got cold and the guys in the sled drove us down to the car. Kind of backwards with the sled ride down and the hike up but what can you do.
sweet pony eh?
MMMMMM mama sita!
Toby, Ben, check out what I got for Christmas? you guys are going to get worked next time!
Marty at Cypress on Dec 28
Trevs Stag on Dec 27 and Miller is thinking cow.
Stag limo ride
The limo, we only got stuck like 4x and the austin powers turn around was used.
Claire at the Callaghan on Dec 27
Callaghan parking lot and new lodge. My car now has snow tires and its just unreal!
Christmas Dinner with the Enns Family on Dec 26
Nate taking a pee on Hwy one on the way to manning park on Dec 26
Mad glide at manning.
Its fine I got snow tires.


Toby Roessingh said...

You might be able to take Ben down at Cattan, but I am unstoppable! Unless I am a little tipsy, then I've recently discovered I'm stoppable.

Also, ponytail? You know how I know you're gay? Or 16?

Tom said...

What's Cattan? Is that kind of like the game of Risk?

Those are good photos too. I especially like the last one of the Tercel.