Sunday, August 31, 2008


8am Toby and I opened the gym with a game of squash where I tooken Toby to the cleaners. By the end of the match he was barley able to walk. Then we went back home and drank lots of coffee before we loaded up all the boats on the Denhollander's jeep. Then we headed up to the mighty Thompson river in Lytton. Brenda drove, Jazz rode shot gun and Connor, Toby, and I sat in the back and killed potato chips and cookies and inquired what Jazz has on her i pod, turns out its a whole Joanas Brothers. The river run was Unreal! Just massive water and massive waves! I flipped over a couple times in the first rapids but rolled right back up. The water is so warm and there is crazy eddy lines that eat you alive. Then there is these sweet whirl pools where you could do some sweet pivots in and I was starting to get the hang of it, oh mama! I am cooked now. What a week! Best week ever! Brenda has more photos she is going to send me soon, then I will post some more.
Waiting in traffic on the #1
Fueling up for the Thompson river
one of the rapids near the put in.

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