Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who's got the beet?

Thursday, Toby, Connor, Kristen and I went Mt biking on Mackee peek out in Abbotsford. Right after the ride Toby and I killed some Safeway sandwiches and chewed the fat with the boys at wenting cycle and mt then we went home and packed up a bunch of plastic boats and kayaked down the Chilliwack Canyon with Toby, Connor and Jazz.

Friday, Toby and I drove out to Abbotsford first thing and ran the cop run. We just ran easy for the first 6km then we both kicked the last 4 and I did a 42 and Toby did a 45. Then it was off to the farm where my Mom had a wicked waffle breakfast and Connor and Kristen showed up and then we had a farm tour! Then it was back to the wack were I went mt biking in a monsoon and then played (got worked) squash vs Brad Rodgers. Then we had a sweet burger bbq and Anna brought a home made blackberry rhubarb pie. Then we all went to sleep.

Today we are going to run the Thompson river in Lytton but right now I am going to go Chuck Norris Toby in a game of Squash.

Quote of the week.
Toby- “Chuck Norris doesn't go down the river, the river goes up Chuck Norris”
Save on food's Cashier “who's got the beet?”

Photos are going to be on Toby's site

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