Thursday, August 28, 2008


So Toby and I went mt biking in the morning, Connor didn't want to come because he got a infection and had to jam on us. We rode the duck farm and Toby crashed and a couple times and cut his shin on his pedal, good thing my bathroom is now the hospital in the house and after the ride today we can just head strait to the “hospital”. Then it was lunch and nap time then. Connor, Kristen, Toby, Jazz, and I went and ran the river from Tamihi down. Then it was back to the fort to change in to squash clothing and head to the Cheam center for a epic battle of squash were I proceeded to feed Toby the ball over and over again and beet him like 9-1 in 6 games straight. Toby's “new one” will be a little sore today. Then to top all that off we we all hit up the Yoga at 7 and then had a wicked bbq after. Anna your homemade Blackberry rhubarb pie was unreal! Oh wait. So tomorrow there will be more mt biking and kayaking and who knows what else. I might need a nap too. Best summer ever? I think so!
Toby getting worked by the mountain
Me and my new unreal bike, its Sue Haywoods race bike! and its so sweet!
toby time!
the group chowing down
mmmmmm mama see ta!
Sarah, Anna, and Brett eating the heads off some "n-bomb babys"

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